Gareth can provide a range of training and consultancy services to schools, education settings and other settings all over the UK. He can deliver sessions and training to children and young people aged 3-18, parents/carers, school staff and the governing board.

Sessions can be adapted to support the school’s needs and are intended to complement or expand upon the broad and balanced education in online safety and safeguarding that schools should ensure learners are receiving (as outlined in Keeping Children Safe in Education).

Want to know more? Please see these fliers for more information:

Sessions for children and young people

Prices start at £200 for a single session then £50 per additional session

Sessions for parents/carers and staff

Prices start at £200 for a 60 minute session

Available Sessions:

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Children and Young People

Engaging and age appropriate sessions, using realistic examples, videos and games to encourage positive and supportive behaviour online. The sessions also underline the need for critical thinking around what you see and experience online and the importance of getting help if something goes wrong.

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Parents and Carers

Awareness sessions for parents/carers aim to provide information and advice on a range of online safety risks and stress the importance of discussion and engagement as key tools to support children to use the internet positively and safely.

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Children's Workforce

Training sessions for school staff provide opportunity to consider online safety alongside good safeguarding practice, using scenarios to discuss the actions the school would take and the rationale behind those choices. The key importance of education and selecting the right resources/approach and the need to protect professional reputations online are also covered.

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Training for Governors and Senior Leaders

A training session for governors and senior leaders provides a clear overview of risks and liabilities to the school and how these relate to school policy and practice. The session allows opportunity for discussion and questions and can be tailored to a school’s requirements and priorities.

Managing Online Safety

As an accredited 360 Degree Safe Assessor, Gareth can offer advice and guidance as well as a detailed audit of school policies and practices. This is accompanied by a full report highlight strengths and areas for development and a fully supported action plan to empower positive and impactful change.

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Get in Touch

If you would like to book a session or chat further about your training needs then please do get in touch.